Chaos Rising + Body Parts


hey guys, so basically I hit 800 followers a little while back and I just rested my chin in my hands and thought about how great you guys all are and how I wish I could give you all presents and I decided to round up some stuff and do not one, but TWO exciting giveaway baskets!

basket 1 is the comics basket, it contains:

  • Captain Marvel, Vol 1 TPB by Kelly Sue Deconnick
  • Saga Vol 1 TPB by Brian K. Vaughan
  • Young Avengers Vol 2 #5 by Kieron Gillen (Cheung Variant)
  • New Avengers Annual #1 by Brian Michael Bendis
  • Batman 700 by Grant Morrison (aka the one with all the Batmen)
  • Batman & Robin Annual #1 by Peter J. Tomasi
  • tons of candy so much wow

basket 2 is just a bonus Star Trek thing because it seems like a good time to do this, it contains:

  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Collector’s Edition)

how this is gonna work is, basically reblogs, you don’t have to be following me because I understand that I have roughly 8000 fandoms and not everyone is into that, SO.  any and all reblogs will be considered entries into the giveaway, I’ll select the winners on june 16th (616 I know I’m so clever wow).  I’ll totally ship anywhere!  thanks guys!

edit: these are separate giveaways, the first winner will pick whichever basket they want, then I’ll pick another name for the second basket.  and if that person doesn’t want it, I’ll pick another name, etc.

Hey, as long as he’s a paratrooper.

Hey, as long as he’s a paratrooper.

for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother

How to Forgive and Move On


1. Realise that your bitterness, hatred or resentment doesn’t affect the other person at all. In fact, they may not know how you feel, and if they do, they may not care.

2. Realise the best way to “win” and move on is to live the happiest and best life possible. There’s nothing to match doing something with your life, and feeling satisfied, and enjoying who you are.

3. Look for the silver lining in the cloud, and learn what you can from the bad experience. Often, it can make you a much better person – who is kinder, wiser, and with greater character.

4. Remember the people who were there for you, and who helped you to feel much better about things. Focus on their qualities – and not the other person’s!

5. Be compassionate and understanding with yourself. Emotional wounding always takes its toll on you. It leaves you feeling beaten, and torn up inside.

6. Decide not to think about the story again. You’re hurting yourself more by going over it. Choose to thing about the people who bring joy to your life, and the life experiences that leave you feeling proud.

7. Remember that the meaning of “forgiveness” is “untie” … And you want to be free from that person and the pain. So, decide to untie yourself, and move on with your life.